WHAT > Visual thinking simply means organising your thoughts in a visual manner. By drawing pictures and combining them with text, you can improve your ability to think and memorise, as well as communicate more clearly and effectively with others, increasing understanding and therefore collaboration.

WHY > Drawing is a fun and crafty way to make sense of the world, and it can make complex information really easy to grasp. This can be a magic card to have up your sleeve in your everyday work and studies. 

HOW > In this creative workshop I teach the basic elements needed to organise your thoughts visually, including some tips on graphic skills and an introduction to one strategic visualisation model. 
Maíra's Visual Thinking workshop helped me debunk the myth that you have to be a professional artist to graphic record in front of a room. It taught us the foundational skill set that was inclusive to everyone's artistic abilities across the spectrum. Her intention and approachable, friendly teaching style allowed us to explore meaningful and fun ways of transforming complex issues into simple, clear and communicative visuals. The course inspired me to practice visual thinking in many situations and has given me the confidence to pursue graphic recording in a professional setting."  
-Alex Harned, Community Food Hub Strategy Coordinator in Victoria, BC, Canada
"I just wanted to say that I loved participating in your workshop, I learned some things I’m really grateful for. Especially the simple drawings and ways to make my work a little bit more awesome. The other day I looked up my notes, which was a good reminder of some simple drawings I had forgotten. I hope to one day widen my skills in this area, but this was an awesome introduction I had from you! Thanks a lot!"
- Julie Ruskamp, YIP8 participant, and Harvester for the 2016 Initiative Forum.
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